My name is David Lewis, I sell Airstreams but I also sell the love of travel and adventure. I truly believe in the love of nature and the great outdoors is a life well lived. I don't believe in high pressure sales tactics, I'm not a car salesman. I personally love to travel, I think new experiences and adventures are what life's all about so this is an easy job for me. I'm doing what I love, selling a product that sells itself. The quality and integrity of Airstream is unmatched. I just want to help people get out on the open road and experience nature up close, not from a hotel. I'm here to answer questions and guide you through the process of purchasing an Airstream, and hopefully we get to know each other and have some fun along the way. 

I am certified by Airstream and I work for the #1 dealership in the world, but more importantly I have your best interests in mind. I understand a purchase like this is a planning process and I'm just here to help with that and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

I try and keep up with all things Airstream including the latest news, upcoming changes and new models like Basecamp or Nest. There is always something exciting going on so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get updates and pics.

Bay Area Airstream Adventures is the dealership I work for located in Fairfield, Ca. off Hwy 80 and 12. There is a map to our location below in the footer section. We are ranked number one in both sales and service for Airstream, we're very proud of that. We treat you like family and are here for you both before and after the sale. Call me for an appointment and I'll show you around without pressure and hopefully you learn something and have some fun too.

Bay Area Airstream Adventures

Opened in Fairfield, California in 2013 and quickly became the #1 Airstream dealership in the world. Huge indoor showroom with the best selection of new, pre-owned and custom Airstream models.

Our commitment to you

To provide you a sales and service experience equal to that of the Airstream brand.
To provide you timely, relevant and accurate communication.
To provide you support 27/7/365
To understand your unique needs and wants.
To help you create memories and adventures that will last generations.
Vision Statement

To provide you the inspiration and freedom to explore new lands, rekindle old adventures and discover new friendships without boundaries.