Airstream models – difference in the details

So if you've done any research on Airstreams at all or just getting started you will notice all the different models names and interior decor styles to choose from, I'm going to break it down and tell you how they are connected and try and simplify it a little bit.

There are three main styles, if we exclude Basecamp, Sport, Classic and Special Edition trailers like Tommy Bahama. The three that come in many different layout options are as follows.

  1. Flying Cloud
  2. International Signature ( Christopher Deam Design)
  3. International Serenity

Let's start with the Flying Cloud, which actually has more layouts than any other because it comes exclusively in a couple extra sizes the others don't, like the  20' & 26'. It also comes with bunks in the 19', 23D and 30' where the others don't come with that option.

The Flying Cloud is a mid priced trailer with lighter color natural looking wood cabinetry, and neutral colors throughout, very "camping friendly" decor. The only option for changing the decor is the seating and counter colors.  It comes in three "dwell ultraleather" color seating choices, Sandpiper (off white) Honey and Truffle. The truffle comes with different color counter tops, lighter compared to the brown of the others. 28 ft Flying Cloud shown in Landmark decor with honey dwell ultraleather. Note laminate counters and vinyl flooring


Next let's talk about the International Signature line, named so because they have Christphor Deam's signature on them. He came to Airstream years ago with the idea to modernize the interior, he did such a great job they named the model after him! Signatures are known for their Ebony wood dark cabinetry with light floors and counters for contrast. A very modern look and some upgrades in comparison to Flying Cloud. The counters are Corian in these models and the sink fixtures and handles are also a step up, not to mention sizes 25 ft and above come with a power awning, a very nice added convenience. Seating choices include Oyster, Espresso Brown and Salsa Red. 19 ft Signature shown with Oyster seating. Note the sliding translucent overhead bins compared to the Flying Cloud lift doors. These can be backlit or not, whichever you prefer.


Finally we have the light and bright International Serenity. This is our "Asian Zen" look that makes you want to call out "Serenity Now!!" Same upgrades as the Signature but with a different decor style. The sliding overhead bins now have a rice paper look, the bathroom door window features poplar leaves and the galley wall is a burnt orange color. The seating choices are the same as the Signature, Oyster, Espresso Brown and Salsa Red Ultraleather. The Corian counters are a swirled grey, and the vinyl flooring is a darker reclaimed wood look, again nice contrast and modern.




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